Our Projects

We have multiple projects that we're working on at once...

We believe in a strategy of trying many things, failing often, failing fast, and failing small... that way we can innovate.

Here are the projects that we are currently working on:

The QT Club

Family Trees

QT Club

Land Grab

Our General Roadmap

We like to think of our plan in phases. And each phase can change at any given point, simply because that's required. Things change, and we can't stop it.

Phase 1

(100% Completed)

  • Start collecting NFTs.
  • Try a LOT of different ideas to see what sticks.
  • Support the NFT community.
  • Focus on learning and Networking.
nft collection

Phase 2

(100% Completed)

  • All-in on developing our own NFT project(s).
  • Begin building a valuable community.
  • Consolidate ideas and choose a path forward
qt club nfts

Phase 3

(100% Complete)

  • Finish and launch our QT Club NFTs to support Members of the NFT space.
  • Begin special NFT giveaways.
  • Begin working on NFT projects for good causes (rescue animals, that kind of thing, NOT going to finish these in this phase!).
QT Club NFTs

Phase 4

(75% Complete)

  • Launch The QT Club NFT Treasury (Was launched, but currently being revamped)
  • Launch The QT Club Genesis Edition NFTs
  • Begin outreach to other projects for advice, partnerships, etc...
  • Build out resources for secondary projects (Family Trees, The Scam Police, How Do You Really Feel, Land Grab, etc..)
QT Club M1 Finance Fund
The QT Club M1 Finance Backing Fund

Distribution Methods

The way we distribute the NFTs from our projects varies from project to project.

Most of our NFTs are given away for free, to give Members who don't have a lot of money a chance to participate.

For example: Our I Love You! NFTs are given out randomly to Members of the community that are doing good things, like helping people or being nice.

The only NFT we plan on listing for sale is our The Scam Police NFTs, which were created to support victims of scams and rug pulls.

It seemed appropriate to be willing to try to raise money for a good cause like that, and all proceeds from those sales (The price is currently 4.2069 Ethereum :P) will go towards helping the community.

Overall, one of our goals is to prove that you can make it in this space without having to worry too much about selling things to people, as long as you're adding value, so... that's what we're doing.

We hope you like it!