We like to think of our plan in phases. And each phase can change at any given point, simply because that's required. Things change, and we can't stop it.

Phase 1

(100% Completed)

  • Start collecting NFTs.
  • Try a LOT of different ideas to see what sticks.
  • Support the NFT community.
  • Focus on learning and Networking.
nft collection

Phase 2

(100% Completed)

  • All-in on developing our own NFT project(s).
  • Begin building a valuable community.
  • Consolidate ideas and choose a path forward
qt club nfts

Phase 3

(100% Complete)

  • Finish and launch our QT Club NFTs to support Influencers in the NFT space.
  • Begin special NFT giveaways.
  • Begin working on NFT projects for good causes (rescue animals, that kind of thing, NOT going to finish these in this phase!).
QT Club NFTs

Phase 4

(25% Complete)

  • Launch The QT Club NFT Treasury
  • Launch The QT Club Genesis Edition NFTs
  • Begin outreach to other projects for advice, partnerships, etc...
QT Club M1 Finance Fund
The QT Club M1 Finance Backing Fund

Distribution Methods

We are not going to simply mint 10,000 QT Club NFTs and call it a day.

Instead, we're strategically releasing our NFTs to limit supply, allow for innovation before a full sell-out, and to create interesting ways of marketing our project.

Here is how we plan to distribute QT Club NFTs:

  • 10 Founder's Edition QT Club NFTs will be minted.These will be given away or sold at our discretion. (Currently, 1 is for sale, 3 are reserved for the dev team, and 6 have been given away to the NFT community.)
  • Each holder of a Founder's Edition QT Club NFT will be airdropped a free Genesis QT.
  • 10 Genesis Edition QT Club NFTs will be minted and given away to Founder's Edition holders.
  • 240 Genesis Edition QT Club NFTs will be reserved as gifts for the NFT community.
  • 2,400 Genesis Edition QTs will be reserved and minted as rewards for Influencers who win the QT Club Influencer of the Month Award at a rate of 5 per month. (40 years of rewards)
  • 480 Genesis Edition QT Club NFTs will be reserved and minted as rewards for NFT Projects that receive the Project of the Month award at a rate of 1 per month. (40 years of rewards)
  • 200 Genesis Edition QT Club NFTs will be reserved and minted for the personal use of the development team. We just want to be transparent about this. Most of these will probably be used for the good of the community, but we want the ability to use some of these NFTs however we wish.
  • 6670 Genesis Edition QT Club NFTs will be minted slowly over time and sold on Opensea. We intend to artificially keep the owner to asset ratio and the supply of QT NFTs in a healthy position by controlling how quickly we release our NFTs, while allowing fair methods of distribution.