Helping Kids With Blockchain

We're doing a number of things involving art and blockchain technology to raise money to help abused kids live better lives.

The fist goal we're setting is $1,000,000.

1.) $LOOKS

The LooksRare Marketplace passes their trading fees back to stakers of $LOOKS, so this seems like a great opportunity to create some income to use to make a difference.

2.) STRONG Nodes

Strong is a service that allows people to create nodes to strengthen various blockchains and get rewarded for doing so. We don't believe blockchain is going anywhere anytime soon, so this seems like a great opportunity to generate income.

3.) Ethereum Staking

I believe that Ethereum is here to stay and is going to increase in price over time. Instead of just holding it, it makes a lot of sense to get a return on our holdings, that way we can have something to use for other opportunities.

Half of the proceeds from my art sales will be used to directly help abused kid, once we figure out how to best do so.

The other half will be used to purchase the following assets to create some income for the cause: