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Success is easy.

1.) Identify a pain point
Hint: solve your own problems

It’s all about solving problems for people, and the easiest way to figure out what problem to solve is by looking at your own life. Your pain is shared by millions, or maybe billions, of people. Examples: Workers not getting paid enough, gas prices being too high, repairing things is hard, people are bored… it’s all VERY flexible.

2.) Consider WHO you want to use your time on
Hint: “Ideal Customer Avatars” are very helpful

Success depends on your ability to get a message to the correct people. This is the essence/purpose of Marketing. But this is harder than it sounds. If you waste too much time trying to talk to people who aren’t a good fit, you’ll miss out on connecting with the people who add massive value. Doing thought exercises where you come up with imaginary people and try to figure out where they would spend their time, and what messaging might resonate with them can be a game-changer.

3.) Get support
Hint: You don’t HAVE to have any proof

The internet allows us to test ideas rapidly, and for very low cost. If you can’t get any support for an idea… then you’re going to be dead in the water pretty much no matter what. Most of us like to build things so we’ll do a lot of the work up front, instead of validating our ideas. This can work, but there are benefits to taking your time and trying out a wide range of ideas and seeing which ones to double-down on based on the experience. Eventually you will need to prove the merit of your ideas, but you can still get a lot of moral support, or sometimes financial support, ahead of time.

4.) Stay focused
Hint: business can be flexible

The world is FULL of distractions. Everything we do uses energy and takes time. The people who can stay focused on their goals will win. You can experiment like crazy… but try to have a bigger idea that you’re constantly working towards, so you don’t end up getting too distracted by the little experiments. Try to keep the experiments synergistic with your overall goal (i.e. if my goal is to build an incubator, then offering professional services is adjacent). Try things, double down on what works… Most people quit at the first sign of trouble… and that’s okay to quit things you don’t like… but if something works… HIT IT HARD. You could PROBABLY be successful by just nailing #4…

Hope this helps. If you want to help us disrupt the predatory businesses that exist today… support us, thanks. #business