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Land Grab NFT Whitepaper

Land Grab NFT Whitepaper

Purpose of the Land Grab Project

The land grab project is meant to encourage people to:

  • learn about NFTs.
  • allow people to practice trading NFTs risk-free.
  • capitalize on the virtual "land rush" we think is imminent.
  • have some fun


Roles in the Land Grab Ecosystem

The Land Grab Ecosystem will be as inclusive as possible so everyone has a chance to benefit from the things that are about to happen in the NFT space.

Here are the roles in our Ecosystem as well as the price of entry and the value propositions for each:


Land Grab Traders will be allowed to play our game, for free, and will have a chance to earn crypto, as well as NFTs.

This will work similarly to what is known as "Paper Trading" in the investment world.

Traders will be given some fake ETH to spend and will compete to see who can make the most "profit" from flipping virtual land, based on real NFT market data.

The top Traders in each event will earn some fun prizes.

Trader Entry Price: Free

Trader Value Proposition: Practice trading and win prizes (When app is released. Shooting for Q2-Q3 2022)

Max Number Of Traders: No Cap


Land Grab NFT Sponsor

Land Grab Sponsors are one of the paid supporters of the Land Grab Ecosystem.

They'll be the ones initially purchasing the NFTs and taking the financial risk, so they'll also be receiving some special "considerations" ­čśë

Sponsor Entry Price: Between .03 and 1 ETH (TBD)

Sponsor Value Proposition: Earn Tokens for use in the Land Grab Ecosystem, Special Honorary NFTs, and Airdrops (None of this is ready yet. Tokens will be after everything is functional, so expect Q2-Q3 2022) 

Max Number Of Sponsors: TBD (Thinking between 1000-5000)


Land Grab Builders are where things get interesting.

Builders will be developers, projects, and companies that need virtual space in the metaverse to build and host their projects, but may not be able to afford to buy their own space or who find it more convenient to lease the space.

The Land Grab Vault will purchase land, preferably at great prices and in prime locations, to lease out to Builders to generate profit for the project.

Builder Entry Price: TBD

Builder Value Proposition: Leases virtual land from the Land Grab Vault to use for building their Metaverse projects (We need land first!)

Max Number Of Builders: Depends on land availability  (We're not there yet)

How NFT Trading Helps The Land Grab Ecosystem

NFT trading will serve to help the Land Grab Ecosystem, including it's participants in a number of ways, which include:

  • Creating Play-to-earn opportunities for everyone through contests that are free to join, increasing inclusivity (more people + people making money = more money in the ecosystem)
  • Helping to identify the people who know NFTs well (winners of the contests)
  • Helping to identify market trends in virtual land prices (Giving us an advantage in NFT purchases for the Land Grab Vault)
  • Generating secondary sales (Royalties on our NFTs will feed money into the Land Grab Ecosystem)
  • Creating marketing opportunities for NFT projects that have virtual land. (giving them a reason to partner with us.)
  • Exposing more people to NFTs (Making the game free to play AND play-to-earn should draw attention from people who don't know about NFTs.)

How Sponsors Help The Land Grab Ecosystem

Coming soon...

How Builders Help The Land Grab Ecosystem

Coming soon...