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QT Club Income Streams And Sustainability Plan

The QT Club will act as our Genesis project and be the core of what we design everything around.

We will constantly be seeking out efficient sources of income to help grow The QT Club and the NFT space.

Here are some of the income streams we currently have set up and are working on creating:


We've been working on a Youtube channel to help people find good NFT projects, educate people about NFTs, and to raise money for The QT Club.

QT Club Treasury

We're building up a Treasury, full of NFTs, stocks, Real Estate, and anything else worthwhile... That way there are assets generating income for The QT Club indefinitely.

QT Club NFTs

Medium Blog

This is just another potential source of somewhat passive income. I already write a LOT anyway because of all of the tweets and website content I put out, so it makes a lot of sense to get paid for views.

I could monetize my own blog, but Medium is very convenient, so I'm giving it a shot.

Future Ways To Support The NFT Community

The goal of this project is to help the NFT community grow by supporting the people who share their NFT journey with the World, Influencers.

They are a HUGE part of how ideas spread, and we wanted to show some love to them in respect of that truth, while providing value for QT Club Members as well.

Unique QT Club Passes

QT Club Members receive one unique pass which grants them exclusive benefits, including:

  • The ability to vote for Influencer of the Month
  • Ethereum infusions (Giveaways from the community treasury)
  • NFT gifts

Support NFT Influencers

Your QT Club Membership directly supports Influencers in the NFT space by:

  • Giving you ONE vote per month for our Influencer of the Month Contest, sharing and highlighting the Influencers you care about.
  • Sponsoring giveaways to Influencer of the Month winners to provide them with value.
  • Showing that you care. Believe it or not... Influencers are real people and most of them appreciate the Love.

Influencer of the Month

We want to constantly reward people who are making a difference in the NFT community. So... Influencer of the Month is a way we can directly do that.

Each Influencer who wins Influencer of the Month will receive 2 QT Club Passes. One for them, and one to give away to their followers.

Voting for them also gets their name out there for other people to discover them.