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 The Problems

1.) Current Businesses Are Predatory

2.) Unfair Pay Distribution

3.) Climbing The Ladder Is Difficult

Businesses are currently extremely predatory.

The status quo is underpaying Employees and giving as little value for as high of a ROI as possible.

The average CEO of the top performing firms in the U.S. makes close to 400 times the salary of the average worker in those firms, which we think is ridiculous.

One of the major reasons we allow Employers to use us by collecting a premium on our labor… is because we’re always “desperate”, in a sense, to make more money so we can afford to live.

Proving your competence to a potential new Employer can be challenging, especially with the large amount of fraud on both the Employee and Employer side of the hiring process, which makes it hard to find the right opportunity.

Moving up in a job you don’t like is unnecessarily difficult and people have to rely on office politics rather than merit.

To make that even worse, people are competitive and often view others succeeding as a threat to their ability to succeed, leading to people being overly greedy.

This creates tension between the social classes, as the working class can often make very little and have to deal with the pressures of poverty.

People should be allowed to chase high ROI opportunities, but we can get more accomplished, collectively, if we make sure people have their basic needs met outside of the pursuit of fame and fortune, or at least that’s what we are betting on.


The Solutions

1.) Basic Needs Met

2.) Fairer Business Models

We believe that if people have their basic needs met, they’ll be willing to be a little more picky about which businesses they chose to work for/support, and will have the option to seek out more fulfilling work.

And we also believe that with fairer business models, not only will the predatory competition not be able to compete (Watch the video), but the market should have no problems accepting higher performing and fairer solutions.